We like to keep it simple.

So when it comes to pricing, you'll be happy to know that there are no hidden fees or other charges coming your way.


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Products: If you ordered any products through iTech for an appointment, they will appear under the "Products" section of your invoice or receipt. Products included in our service bundles will appear in this section as well.

Services: The services you requested to be performed during your appointment will appear under the "Services Performed" (also listed as just "Services") section of your invoice or receipt. Applicable discounts will either be listed under the "Discounts" section or be indented under that particular service, and will appear in red.


Other common charges and discounts you may see on your invoice or receipt include the following:

Surcharges: An "In-Home Appointment Surcharge Fee" will appear on invoices and receipts for in-home appointments. Surcharges are based on your location from our office and are imposed to cover transportation costs.  We currently service certain areas of Long Island, NY. Please contact us before making an appointment to see if you are in our service zone.

Shipping Fee: If you purchased an item through iTech and requested us to ship it to you, we may add a shipping fee under the "Subtotal" section of your invoice or receipt, if applicable.

Equipment Rental Charge: If you rented equipment from iTech, you may be charge an Equipment Rental Fee for the length of the rental, provided that the item is return in the same physical and working condition as it was given to you. In the event the item is broken upon return, you may be charged up to the full retail price of the product.

While very uncommon, some services we offer are charged by the hour. These include:

•   Computer lessons, smartphone/mobile phone lessons, and tablet lessons
•   Product setup (other than computers and cell phones)
•   Certain small business services, such as consultations, custom systems configuration, and website design
•   Custom services which aren't currently advertised on the iTech website.


There may be additional services in which your iTech representative will charge you by the hour for. These services will be shown on your receipt.

We love discounts. In fact, 83% of all appointments since we started in 2011 received at least one discount!

Services performed will be listed at full price on your receipt, and discounts - whether due to an existing service, promotional rate, service not performed, or software discount - will be shown and its amount deducted from the cost of the service.


What is a service bundle?

We created Virus Removal and Virus Protection bundles to help you save even more money when treating your computer for virus-related issues. These service bundles come with a set of tools and services that will be performed to get your computer back up and running - or keep it running - at its full potential.

How can I pay for iTech services?

You can pay by cash, check, PayPal, credit/debit card, and by iTech Gift Card. There are no fees associated with online payments. Payment by check is only available to select customers. We do not accept cash for online (remote) or over the phone appointments.


How do I know what I'm paying for?

We recommend that you request a quote before booking an appointment so you know the cost of the services you're interested in. At the beginning of your appointment, your iTech representative will confirm the services you requested. You will receive a receipt at the end of your appointment, which will show the total cost and the services performed during that appointment.


How much does each service cost?

Due to the unique situation of each customer, while we employ a charge-by-service approach (versus charging by the hour), the prices of services can vary. Some services on our Services page have an average price based on their cost from previous appointments.