Unlimited post-service support is included with all Virus Removal and Virus Protection bundles.

When you order Virus Removal and Virus Protection services from iTech, you'll receive complimentary post-service support from iTech, protecting you from danger for up to an entire year from the date of your appointment.


How do I know I'm eligible for post-service support?

Your appointment is eligible for post-service support if you see "One Year of iTech Post Service Support" or "Six Months of iTech Post Service Support" listed under your Virus Removal, Virus Protection, or Five Point System Inspection bundle on that receipt.

What does my post-service support include?

While post-service support coverage varies depending on the services that were performed during your appointment, all eligible clients are entitled to unlimited online (remote) assistance to remove additional viruses and unwanted files from your computer. In most cases, a coverage limit of up to the full price of the initial service applies. Refer to the note at the bottom of your receipt for additional coverage you may receive from your post-service support.

Are all of my computers covered?

Only computers that were serviced at the time of the initial appointment are eligible for post-service support. In addition, your coverage may only apply to computers that had anti-virus software or an operating system installed during your appointment. Check your coverage details at the end of your receipt for more information.

What happens if a virus infects my computer?

To prevent any further damage to your computer, contact us immediately to set up an appointment. Depending on the scope of your coverage, an iTech representative may be able to assist you over the phone, or come for an in-home visit to manually inspect your computer. 

Your post-service support only covers issues similar to the ones that were present during your initial appointment. You may be charged for services not covered under your post-service support. Your iTech representative will inform you of additional services that may be needed to fix your computer. 

When does my post-service support start, and how long does it last?

Your post-service support starts on the day of your initial appointment, and will last up to one year from the date of that appointment. Most bundles require anti-virus software to be installed and actively running to take advantage of your post-service support, so if you turn this software off, you will no longer be eligible for free support. If you ordered Virus Protection services and choose to renew your anti-virus subscription through iTech at the end of the subscription period, your post-service support will continue for up to one year from the renewal date.

For complete details, limitations, and applicable coverage limits, please read the Terms of Service for Post-Service Support.